Tender Is The Night – F.Scott.Fitzgerald 

"He looked at her and for a moment, she lived in the bright blue worlds of his eyes, eagerly and confidently."  Whilst one cannot directly refer to 'Tender In The Night' as being surely an autobiographical novel, the parallels between the lives of his character and of himself is almost overwhelming. His focus, as with... Continue Reading →

Othello – William Shakespeare

As most of us do, I looked at the name 'Shakespeare' on my reading list and groaned. Feeling slightly guilty about this now as after studying the play I have discovered that there is a lot more underlying meaning than I first thought. Through the use of Jacobean Tragedy, Shakespeare somewhat criticises Elizabethan society and... Continue Reading →

Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn 

I picked up Flynn's thriller 'Gone Girl' in a local charity shop for just 50p, BARGAIN! If you haven't already, I would really recommend looking in your local charity shops for cheap second hand books, I've bought loads recently for hardly any money at all. I've read a variety of reviews on the internet, some... Continue Reading →

Wuthering Heights – Emily Bronte 

I found this classic novel very interesting, the characters were well described and their backgrounds explained in much depth, giving them a sense of reality, as though we are reading about the lives of real people. The book is told from the perspective of Mr Lockwood, who is recounting his many conversations with housekeeper Nelly... Continue Reading →

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