Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn 

I picked up Flynn’s thriller ‘Gone Girl’ in a local charity shop for just 50p, BARGAIN! If you haven’t already, I would really recommend looking in your local charity shops for cheap second hand books, I’ve bought loads recently for hardly any money at all. I’ve read a variety of reviews on the internet, some people saying that they hated it and others that loved it, my Nan had actually read it as well and said she didn’t like it at all. I think these contrasting views were partly the reason I picked it up, I wanted to form my own opinion. ‘Gone Girl’ took me a week to read, it’s been a bad reading week recently and I haven’t been able to read as much as I’d like to, I hope to improve this next week though. Anyways, I really really loved this book! It’s hard to review without giving too much away, but there is a huge plot twist about half way through and after that, I couldn’t put it down. The plotline is so detailed, it’s one of those books where you realise later on that the tiny aspects of the plot that almost seem unnoticeable are in fact, so significant. The chapters alternate in perspective of the two protagonists; Nick and Amy. I found this technique extremely effective as the suspense is built up at the end of one of Nick’s chapters, and you’d have to read another chapter before you found out what happened, it really encourages you to keep reading. I would definitely recommend ‘Gone Girl’, even if you don’t particularly enjoy thrillers, it is definitely one to add to the TBR list!


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